Being the Change

A few weeks ago, something really cool happened to me. Sarah McLachlan replied to a question that I asked her on a Twitter chat she was hosting.

I thanked her for the reply, and also shared something with her that I hoped she would take the time to read.

While I honestly don’t think she has the time to read what I wrote, I wanted to make the effort anyway. It made me feel good to reach out.

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The Fear of Oversharing

There are times in our life when the fear of rejection can be extremely crippling. And this happens more than it should.

I don’t know about you, but every time I write something and publish it these days, I close my eyes and expect the worse.

Will they get what I’m trying to say? Will it come across the way I want it to?

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Better Than Me

A few weeks ago I shared something on social media because I wanted the world to read it. Russell Brand: my life without drugs.

Absolutely brilliant writing — the kind that makes me envious, the kind that makes me wish I wrote it. Everything about this is right. The authenticity, the poetry. Just all of it.

That is what I wrote when I shared it, and I stand behind what I said.

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Hating the Things You Love

Remember the time when compact discs were around?

Those were the days when you would hear a song on the radio that you liked, and then you’d have to mow a few lawns so you could ride your bike to the music store because you had to have the disc.

And if you were like me, you’d listen to the song a couple hundred times until you would puke. Then you’d find another song to listen to and do the same until you literally wore the compact disc out.

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