Second Chances in Life

Once in a while I like to step into my past for material here on my blog, and today I’ll be traveling out west for this post.

Meet Christian Hosoi, skateboarding icon from the mid ’80s, and a guy who regularly competed against skate legend Tony Hawk in competitions.

Skateboarding is tough to sum up. It is the epitome of slackerdom, a haven of useless Peter Pan-ery where children refuse to grow up, disrespect other people’s property, and blatantly disregard societal convention.

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Giving Up Everything

Once in a while you see something that serves as a reminder good intentions and authenticity exists. Typically you don’t expect this from someone in the limelight, but when that happens, it’s that much more powerful.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Natalie Merchant, and was absolutely stunned when I saw this video. I’m having a difficult time communicating how I feel, so I’ll go with my initial reaction.

This, people. A hundred times, THIS.

Sugar Water

Many of you know that I’ve changed directions on my personal blog over the past year, but what you may not know is the real story behind that transition.

I had been blogging about business topics, which included WordPress, social media and a lot of things in between. I really wasn’t “feeling it” but continued my efforts as my traffic was increasing.

As my traffic and audience began to grow, my desire to write and the value I found in my blog took a dive. I really didn’t find any satisfaction in what I was doing, but kept it up so I wouldn’t lose my numbers.

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